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Top 5 distinctive restaurants that every connoisseur should visit on Martha’s Vineyard

Water Street Restaurant:

Truly luxurious atmosphere welcomes you to the huge and bright salon in the foundations of one of the most luxurious hotels on the island. Purity of lines and unostentatious fresh shades break the white prism light, which corresponding with the high ceiling, will take you into feeling, as if you are in a Vienna Salon of distant Austria.

Not only is the beauty of the restaurant location the reason to visit Water-Street, but also their high priorities towards all visitors and the care for the positive aftertaste of your experience. The great and well managed staff will carefully nurture you without intruding on your personal space. The food is consistent with local traditions and modernistic innovations. Specifically for this the “Chef prepares the food in a contemporary New England style to enhance the freshness and emphasize the unique flavors of the local ingredients. The Water Street menu is designed to be flexible. Adventurous diners may choose to share and explore several of the Vineyard Small Plates or for those who wish to dine in a more traditional manner, full-size entrees are offered at our Martha’s Vineyard restaurant as well.” For all luxury lovers and food connoisseurs, this will be the place to visit!

The Atlantic Fish & Chop House:

Next In our top 5 list of the best distinctive restaurants that every connoisseur should visit if they want to feel the luxury side of the island is the Atlantic Fish & Chop House. French and Italian food may be titans in culinary culture, but “When in Rome, do as Romans do” or translated into the language of the islanders- when in Martha’s Vineyard you cannot leave without trying the seafood!

If you are looking for such authenticity, innovation or tradition in flavors, stop by the Atlantic Fish & Chop House. What you will find there is huge variety of seafood, but not only. The enormous menu (which can be found on the website of the restaurant) is so detailed, no matter the time of day you decide to join in- breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you have any questions on the content of the dishes, at your favor are the waiters who are willing to help you find the best alternative for your personal taste.

The modernistic salon with warm colors will make you feel comfortable in a luxury environment.  Conductive to real culinary fiesta, without even knowing,  you will end up a loyal visitors to Atlantic Fish & Chop House! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Létoile Restaurant:

The French cuisine is well known for its rich tastes and subtle nuances. A blend of tradition and various external influences. Four thousand years ago it came out of the borders of its native land to conquer the world with its fascinating diversity. Not by coincidence it managed to win the title “haute cuisine” and to put itself as one of the most desirable kitchens outside of Europe.This is why nowadays is a symbol of classic skills and craftsmanship, that will earn you the respect of visitors and experts, to be able to recreate successfully some of the main french dishes.

Not only the enormous selection of wines and cheeses can be found in the best French restaurant on the island, but what has kept Létoile precisely that name, is the enormous range of traditional delicacies and dishes.

Traditional French gourmet and local modernism, will contribute to your comfort, but the entire menu which „is seasonally-driven, utilizing native ingredients such as produce, herbs, and berries from local farms and shellfish from the surrounding waters, along with fresh game birds, lamb and other meats. If you are looking for a place to enjoy French cuisine or to find out whether you will like, do not hesitate!” All year you have the opportunity to try it all!

The Grill on Main:

The Grill on Main is one of those places for Italian cuisine, in the depths of New England, in which one can get lost among tastes and comfort. Beautiful, bright and seasonally decorated, the lounge will welcome you to sit comfortably, while you’ve been prepared for what you are about to taste. Equally affable is the staff which will take care for you during the time you are guests in the restaurant of Chef Antonio Saccoccia.

The Italian oriented kitchen is just a part of the well-arranged puzzle of tastes; eclectic of tradition and trends, and much more that will make you a true Italian fan, while sitting comfortably at your chair!

Not by a surprise comes that in 2013 CNN ranked Italian cuisine as the best in the world. The menu of the The Grill on main is a real testimony to that! The wild mushroom bisque, the fresh salads, the memorable tender grilled meats, the well cocked fish, the delicious pasta and the superior signature desserts will leave you with a desire to try more delicious dishes.

Together with the great selections of local and Italian wines, all will transport you to small Tuscany and the desire to stay at the restaurant as much as possible.  You will not need reasons to come back again, once you stepped foot in this restaurant, because the food itself, will make you join the long list of regular customers.

Be sure to call for reservations, just to make sure that there will be a table for you in the salon!

Chesca’s Restaurant:

One of the popular opinions about Chesca’s, which is transmitted by word of mouth as an ancient myth, is that the kitchen is so good that the salon is almost always full even off-season! Let this speak for itself as a fact!

The location is on the main streets of Edgartown, a gorgeous and desirable place, as you will appear in the heart of the city after meal. You can choose to sit in the big salon, which is modernistic, but very welcoming and cozy, or the closed terrace, with a view! Whatever you decide, you will soon see that there is something else to focus on- the food! This chart is about distinctive restaurants, and the interior aside, the food is what makes them such places. Chesca’s position is well deserved among all the others. The appetizers, entrees and main dishes are outstanding, but same people say this about their desserts, as well. The servers are very polite and attentive, and if you find yourself walking and there’s no table for you, just sit at the bar for a while. Most of the cocktails will make you forget about the wait. Try the chocolate martini, if you’re a fan! Won’t be sorry!

Perhaps one of the minuses is that they do not accept reservations for two, but if you’re lucky, you can manage to find a spare table. People say that their lobster ravioli is to “die for”, and it is not just one man’s opinion, we personally haven’t tried it, but for sure will the next time!

Hope we were helpful! Be adventurous, all !


4 comments on “Top 5 distinctive restaurants that every connoisseur should visit on Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Gerry
    November 7, 2014

    The Grill on Main is my personal favourite! Great food and service! The chocolate bread pudding amazes me every time!


  2. George Rooney
    November 7, 2014

    I had a dinner at Chesca’s last summer I was there with my wife. It was recommended to us by a woman we met, so glad we listened! The food was amazing, great selection of wines! We’ll be back for more next summer, hopefully!


  3. Steven
    December 14, 2014

    What about other areas if the Vineyard! This seems a little bias by a certain group.


    • mvtop5
      December 14, 2014

      This certainly was not our intention. We do not devide, just there are so many places we want to include, but little space for our opinion. Anything more in mind, we’re open for ideas and topics:) Thank you for your comment, we apreciate it!


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