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Top 5 possible gifts after a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard

When we go on holiday at some point inevitably we start thinking about what to bring home to our loved ones as a gift. Although it’s not necessary, most of us are happy to do it, because we know how much joy the mere fact that someone has thought about you brings.

  This pleasant time brings a bit of a load in terms of the need to find the best alternative for the people we want to bring happiness to. There are several “iconic island” items that locals produce to help with your selection. We have described everything you must know about them, hoping to be helpful! The rest is up to you!


The Black Dog

All visitors of the island probably have an item of the Black Dog. Little by little it became a recognizable symbol of the local market culture, so we decided to place their products in our chart as it matches our task to select such objects. The Black Dog offers a wide variety of items- from man, women and children’s hats, shirts, sweatshirts, to reusable bags, toys, ceramics for the home and much more. And as we have observed the choices that most visitor make when selecting presents, the tradition is to go to the Black Dog for something to bring home, even as own reminder of the summer.

* How about you get a coffee mug from the Black Dog, fill it up with vineyard’s sand, put a foil on the top and bring it home, put it in your garden, or just refill it in a glass, organized with small rocks or colorful pieces, be creative!



About the local sweets we have already written a long article, but we believe that this would be a good gift to take home, I mean, who doesn’t like sweets?! So the way we see it, something traditional and locally hand-made will increase you popularity not only among children. Most of the time, the locals will ask you if you want it in a box (and they sure have some pretty gift boxes), just say yes, put a beautiful ribbon and you will be good to go!

List of the local bakeries you can find at:




If you choose to be guests of the island during the summer, then, at the end of it you will find an interesting alternative for a gift- a Martha’s Vineyard sweatshirt. An old tradition dating back to the small local shops near the old US colleges. This can easily be transferred to a warm reminder of the places you visit.

You can find such items in almost every local clothing store with the variety of colors. The price range is from 25 to 70$ depending on the style and the material. But either way, everyone can find a great use of such item, so most probably there won’t be disappointed people.

Not every shop on the island sells them, but most that carry sports stuff, do.


 Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw Photography

Alison Shaw Photography


An interesting idea for a gift from the island is photography. If you are like most tourists who persistently love to go around the place you have chosen for a holiday, than definitely you saw unusual, untouched and unique nature. Why not bring some of that images as a gift to loved ones? Choose your best personal images and write a little note with details explaining the surrounding. But if anyways you decide to visit some of the many Art Galleries on the island and to select an item by a professional, you will be amazed by the variety of unique moments caught and sealed on paper. We truly believe that sharing intimate memories will surely reach the hearts of your loved ones.

List with local galleries you can find on:


Untitled-2 Untitled-1


The bracelet with Martha’s Vineyard map contour are already a total hit. The logo has become a talisman. Great gift for your other half, mother or daughter. Various combinations of different metals and delicate string will increase your ability to select an item matching their personal taste.

From the different sizes of the coin to the basic material (silver, gold and encrusted diamonds), you have a wide selection to pick from. Local jewelry shops have thought for your needs, you just have to be aware of what will fit better, and go get it! You cannot go wrong with a piece of jewelry!

The island bracelet can be found in the following stores with price range as written:

CB Stark width: 3”/4” ,  5”/8”,  7”/16”

Material: silver, gold (white, rose, yellow), encrusted with diamonds

Price range : 85$ – 2,795.00$

Moonstone Jewelers: stearling silver- 75 $

14k gold-           395 $

Denizen Bracelet:  925 stamped sterling silver coated with Rhodium, adjustable wristband, made of eco fiber, from Bamboo (softer and stronger than Egyptian cotton). Small coin: 16mm/ big 21mm in diameter.

Alex and  Ani –

Float Jewlery- The Float Charm™ is beautifully simple and clean. Dangling delicately from our bracelets and necklaces, the charm floats freely, encircled by a thin rim. Each charm showcases elements of the natural beauty & joy of our world and the circle of friendship, family and love surrounding us.

Untitled-4 Untitled-3

Hope we were helpful!


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