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Offshore Ale

Offshore Ale

Offshore Ale

Offshore Ale

Offshore Ale Oak Bluffs

Offshore Alе is located a few meters from the main street of Oak Bluffs. A lively enough place to be found immediately, but at the same time deprived of the typical tourist rattle during the summer season.

An interesting interpretation of the well-known Irish Pubs is this local place. If you like beer (and delicious food in its accompaniment), then you’ve come to the right place. Besides some of the best own production of local beer (the process you can even observe as their client: daily from 2 – 3 p.m. and on Saturday from 12 – 3:30 p.m, as their site reads), you will be offered a traditional authenticity and well-chosen live music for your pleasure. This spacious pub has more than ten unique varieties of beer. Sample a few, they are all great.

Self serving peanuts is an interesting option, just be corageous enough to blend by throwing the shels on the floor, and not  leaving it in your hand or a napkin.

The menu is surprisingly large, with great and huge portions! Tasty and delicious food. So say we, check this thriving pub and share your opinion with us!

sand bar & Grill

sand bar & Grill

sand bar & Grill by  Rick Mello

sand bar & Grill by Rick Mello

Sand Bar & Grill

You  know how sometimes after you’ve been at the beach you just want to go for a drink or dinner with your beach cover, well this is where you can do that. The sand bar is designed with a Caribbean feeling of freedom and open space right at the beach. Well it’s at the harbor, but the tropical, laid back feeling is in the air. With sand between your toes, you can relax while having a Mojito, or trying something not conventional, the bartender knows what he’s doing, so you will be in good hands, definitely!

Two minutes from the main street of Oak Bluffs, the place can be lively, for sure, but the interesting atmosphere of this innovative location will make you feel like at a beach party.

Try the mediterranean wrap for a tasty fresh vegetarian sandwich of hummus, cucumber, avocado, and roasted peppers, served with drenched greek olives. Just a suggestion! Tell us what are your favorites, if you’ve been there?

 Lookout tavern

Spare some time. Get your friends and family. Choose a warm summer day. Be lucky to get a seat at the bar facing the ocean. Ask for the specials. Get a drink. Listen to music while watching the sunset. Think how wonderful life is. Go back home with a smile. Come back tomorrow again!

Lookout tavern is a great place for an afternoon lager with a drink in your hand while you lay eyes on the azure horizon ahead. Metamorphoses, that you can observe there, are associated with the groups of people seeking to find a great place for a drink or dinner. During the day the bartender doesn’t stop the production of refreshing cocktails and in the evening the tables are filled with people who have heard the rumors of the tavern’s wonderful cuisine.

What we can say is that it is definitely one of the places where you can find a satisfying amount of fresh and tasty dishes and cocktails for your day and night. Best sushi on the island! Many nice locals with whom to share the porch and the space between the tables, which is often full of dancing to people. It’s not a location require, but a summer testament!

the-wharf by Rick Mello

the-wharf by Rick Mello

The Wharf

“The more, the merrier!” Here sounds like a motto. Although it is family friendly and you’ll see lots of children and parents, mostly you’ll be in a different company. Young, fresh and energetic people surround the bar and create a vigorous wave that can suck you in, if you only let yourself to that. Most of the folks know each other and everyone is so nice that you’ll be welcomed easily.

The interior design is really great and cozy, that famous local flavor. The space is optimized in such a way, that if you do not like the noise coming from the bar, you can be seated in the dining area where you can find yourself at a pleasantly quiet and window-facing table, offering a view of the passing Main Street foot traffic. Just a small bonus to your meal and drinks.

The drinks are bartender’s specials, you can be sure that your night will be the “one drink- not enough” kind of night! The food is the other force that will make you coming back for more. The menu! Oh, where do we begin! But since we’re discussing Bars, let us focus on that! Do not; I repeat, DO NOT hesitate to try the specialty called chowder fries. Fries covered in rich chowder, then topped with bacon bits, shredded cheese and chopped green onions. Sounds strange, but don’t judge before you eat the first one. Amazing!  Lots of options for vegetarians and vegans, too! Great burgers, pub food, and fresh seafood. Reasonable “mainland” prices.

They have live music and karaoke and I’m sure that you too will have a good time there!

Detente by Guinevere Cramer

Detente by Guinevere Cramer

Detente by maruka66

Detente by maruka66

A good idea to mute your inner voice that whispers, ‘it’s time for a glass of flavorful wine’ is to visit Detente. This is your place if you are looking for comfort and luxury. One exquisite evening in a pleasant atmosphere.

With great variety of wine and food, Détente is a real haven for connoisseurs, where happiness throws an anchor. A place to find enough peace for a normal conversation or simply to enjoy the quiet music in accompaniment while your walk on ‘the way of the truth’ holding ‘the drink of the God’s’ in one hand.

But the real reason that the restaurant and wine bar is always busy is the word of mouth, that circles all around, about the delicious cuisine, the terrific local seafood, creative appetizers, side dishes, good cheese plate and dessert. This is why we assume you will stay for dinner.

Détente is built with different areas for the customers convenience. The upstairs dining room is upscale and warm with its wooden floors. The inside space is cozy and charming. The outside terrace is inviting. Over all the place looks great, very chic and trendy.

If wine is your choice, Détente is your place!


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