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How to deal with that weеk after a long vacation?!


The first day at the office after a long holiday is never that simple. If there’s a person that claims the opposite, I know I won’t believe it instantly, but there sure are ways to rejoin the work force after a vacation. It’s not easy to leave the warm and cozy bed at home for anything other than an aromatic cup of coffee in the kitchen with your family, but it is time for everyone to be back to that well known routine. We will give you one tip each day of this week for a better start. Try some of them; they just might work in your own bubble of reality. Let us know the results! We’re eager to hear back.


Take breaks from work. No one is expected to be great and productive to the fullest on Monday after a holiday. We sometimes appear much slower and unfocused; especially when the time away had been great and filled with fun. We might end up associating coming to work with a prison for out free spirit. Change your perspective. See the office as a great space for storytelling, or listening, this will create a stronger bond between you and your co-workers.


Seek inspiration. Creative minds need to refuel to stay sharp. Don’t think that if you don’t go right back on track with your usual responsibilities, that you’ve lost yourself in warm Dubai. Your mind works differently when rested for more than a weekend, use this potential to study from above your old problems. Whenever you are calm and rested your brain works clearer and faster. Don’t push yourself to go back to old habits, but test your limits by trying to look at the situations from a different angle.

Walk. Exercise is time-consuming; this is why most of us play the “I’m to tired to go to the Gym” card. We now are aware that sitting in front of the computer all day, eating on foot, consuming junk or pre-heated food are not healthy. Do we still disbelieve that most of the oncological diseases are a result from stress and all listed above. Walking may not appear as much of a difference for some, but let’s put it this way. If you take 30 minutes a day to walk to work, or you mix lunch break with a 15 min walk on the streets, than make the math- what will you end up at the end of the week? Now we are talking!

This is day one of our “Get back in work form”. See you tomorrow, now is time for a lunch break and a small walk around the corner.



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