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Make your bucket list today

We all know that at work we have to leave our personal activities away. Still, somehow I don’t think that keeping a small list with things you wish for yourself to complete until the end of 2015, will get your managers to reprove you. Just in case, don’t be too emotional when thinking of every single one.

How will a bucket list be helpful? Well, it will not do magic, but the endorphin that your body extricate will make you feel much happier. Think of what you want to accomplish for yourself and mentally carry over those locations. For example are there any countries (but keep it realistically, of course) that you might visit, are there any extreme activities that you would really want to try, where do you want to end up with friends and family. Why realistically, because if you know this will not happen this year, it will not be motivating enough. And the more motivated you are, the less work will bother you, but at the end it will appear a tool for your bucket list to come true.

So now, take your blank piece of paper and start numbering all you haven’t but can be done this year.

We will start with:

1) Bungee jumping

2) Hiking in the Alps

3) Improve ski technics

4) etc.


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