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We made it to Wednesday! Yay!

We made it to Wednesday; now let’s see what will be today’s step toward a better end of this week.

The US Department of Health reported that 70 percent of physical and mental complaints at work are related to stress.

So we suggest- memory therapy. Yes! You read quite well. The idea behind this meaning is to bring back recollections of moments from good trips or moments with family. You most probably have pictures from this period, or something close to that sublime moment. Now choose one and make it your desktop photo. You see what we are trying to do? The moment you feel stressed or unhappy from sitting all day in front of the computer, just minimize all open windows, and stare for a moment at this time frame. Try to find more details that you haven’t noticed before, share your story with a co-worker, turn back this whole time window from the beginning and live this happy moment once more. Smile if you feel like it, it is your happy moment after all, why not!

There’s another thing that you can do, related to this idea. Take a blank piece of paper and write down 3 things that you are thankful for during this happy period of yours. As: more friends, tasty food, presents, warm night walks, sand and ocean… and so on. Read it repeatedly. You will see that the more grateful you are, the more positive you become, and this (scientifically proven) will increase your decision making process. You’ll appear stronger, wiser and calm, because you will be happier.

Here’s a little story, as an example. Novelist Henry Miller wrote until noon then spent the afternoon recuperating and rejuvenating. „I don’t believe in draining the reservoir, do you see? I believe in getting up from the typewriter, away from it, while I still have things to say.”

So if the memory therapy doesn’t work, go back to Monday tip- WALKING. Take a walk, find inspiration, or at least take your head away of the things blocking your mind!

See you tomorrow! Be strong, the end is near! 🙂


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