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Thursday… The day before the last working day this week

I was wondering what will make me happy, as we were traveling through the end of this week. Well… I already started my bucket list, walked a bit and changed my desktop photo, but there was something missing. I was sharing my great vacations stories with colleagues, but as funny as I tried to make them, I can’t help but feeling excited instead of experiencing genuine, all-consuming joy. So now, sitting in my comfortable chair, staring to the last vacation photo with my friends, there was only one thing to do! Call them! Call the people that you miss, pick up the phone in the lunch break and tell them how much fun you had,  they’ll laugh to the same things as you, because you all shared that memories.

This actually helps! Whenever you feel the pressure of too much work and little time to do it, just take breath of fresh air, clear your thoughts, keep in touch with friends, at the same time, and finally get some positive energy from hearing a friendly voice on the other side of the phone.

Arrange a dinner with whoever can come and spend the night in a great company. You will see how Friday morning, fresh and shining, the working day will seem so short and easy!

See you  tomorrow, friends! 🙂


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