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We made it, people! Friday in the house! :)

If you like planning as much as I do, than this one is for you. Working does not interfere with your process of making plans. Of course, this is written with a touch of sarcasm. But there sure are times, during the working day, when you will have the opportunity to open a few sites and look at some winter destinations for the Easter holidays. Why not plan a getaway with people you love connected with physical activity this year?

Although the most ski resorts are probably already booked, I still believe you will be able to arrange a successful family ski-trip. Consider that if all of the 221 USA resorts are full, there are great ones in Europe. So start working hard for this idea of yours! Motivated yet? Good, now let’s see how to choose the best one.

Thanks to the Forbes magazine’s ranking of “awesome” resorts for 2014 and one of the best ski resorts ranking sites (, you will find all the help you need to choose the best location for your time away.

So follow these easy steps:

Step one, choose a resort.

Step two, check for great package deals on the internet. If all is booked go back to step one- choose next best location, or next next …

See how Friday is slipping away?! Now time to do some work and finish that vacation organization back home. But you’ve already had the positive energy, because of all that thoughts about snow, hot cocoa; ski slopes and wood cabins are making you work even harder. Only me?! No, It can’t be! 🙂

See you on Monday!


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