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 MV Theater Foundation is starting something far too interesting this summer. The renovation of the two MV theaters, the one in Oak Bluffs and the other in Vineyard Haven, still have some obstacles to overcome. The donations for this great initiative are still going strong, as the needed financial support is still holding the project back. Both theaters are part of the Martha’s Vineyard history tradition.

The Carawock theater in Vineyard Haven opened in 1913 and the The Strand Theater in Oak Bluffs has a jubilee as it opened doors in the late 1915.  The hope is that this summer both locals and tourist can enjoy the latest digital projection and sound technology. The wide range of production films are preparing you for a walk among “engaging documentaries to local film festival presentations, films from across the globe to the little films that could- in partnership with the non-profit Martha’s Vineyard Film Society”.

What else does the film theater promises this summer?

“Live streaming events, lecture series, live entertainment and youth theater productions will all be part of the offerings of these updated theaters.”

Just don’t cross movie’s night for this summer and donate if you feel close to that cause.



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Rosewater market and take-out

What will be new this summer? Many people have been thinking of a fresh market and a take-out year-round in Edgartown since in the same place there once was such a place (in the late 1800 ). So the news about Rosewater Market be placed in South Summer Street has spread quickly- in June there will be a new location where you can not only buy fresh groceries, eggs or meat, but chat with the locals of how things are going, and get this feeling of a bonding community that you can so easily feel in Martha’s Vineyard. To us this sounds like just what we need. Waiting forward for June! 🙂

offshore ale and bad martha

photo on Bad Martha’s by Beer Awarenes,

  Offshore Ale and Bad Martha’s, an unexpectedly good combination

What marked a great end of the beer-brewing on the island was a wonderful collaboration between Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs and Bad Martha’s brewing company. That gold liquor ended up in bourbon barrels from Woodford Reserve to age until late spring. It sounds intriguing, as we are followers of this happening between these two productive businesses. Same goes for the name, of course when you are creative as they are and everyone expects more, you have to call up-to that. And so they did, by calling it OLD COLONY ALE, after the railroad that used to connect Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. “Rather fitting”, as they say. Indeed- rather fitting it is.

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Rockfish “The New Generation”

Edgartown has another new event to offer this summer. The popular restaurant Rockfish is opening doors with more to give. The owners decided to rearrange the menu and invited the great local chef Craig Decker, who was responsible for the tasty food in Alchemy, to join the team. We can’t be happier for the decision to greet the new season this way – with a new menu, and promise to drop by whenever we can. We are sure the food will be unforgettable. As far as everything else in the restaurant, we love it, no doubt.


  Basics- The bigger, the better

One of the best known shops on the island became bigger and better last year.

Even though Basics was great with providing all you need for your vacation and far more than just your temporary stay, the owners decided it was time for a new step, one to ensure even wider range of components for your needs (and not only, girls, have you seen their dresses and high heels?!). They took the space from the old Edgartown National Bank, last year, modernized it, made it wonderful and invited us all in for a treat. They have been voted on Best Children Clothing Company, even though everyone on and off the island know they are much more than that. With amazing and helpful stuff, many brands to offer and all in all a real unique shopping experience, you have to go visit their bigger store this summer. We know it is not exactly new thing, but come on, what can we do, we just like to shop there.


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