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With a beautiful cup, the coffee tastes better. Around the Ralph Lauren archives of collection Home Spring/ Summer 2015

A common delusion, when we attend a long awaited vacation, is the short period of time that we will actually spent in the hotel room, rather than outside of it. But it is not exactly like that. We have observed, throughout times we have traveled, that the most charging moments, for us, are the mornings, when we have our first coffee for the day, and the evening, or yet another way to say it, our morning and evening preparations.

If you, like us, love fanatically the morning rituals, than you cannot possibly deny that the way we take our coffee and breakfast reflects on our mood. So what we have tested and works perfectly fine- is a beautiful detail. The cup of morning fluid tastes better if there are flowers on the table, or a beautiful tablecloth with the color of the sky you see outside. Than for sure the whole day will acquire a magical nuance. But this is just us, and we are a pedantic people, who love to arrange furniture and to match details with the season, our mood or the environment. Our prescription: learn to love the details, not only the devil hides in them, but combined they can build the integrity of one sensation.

style 2

See some of our proposals, from the summer collection of Ralph Lauren / summer 2015, which seem created specifically for beautiful morning on the porch in Martha’s Vineyard. For a coffee served with finesse.

Nobody says you have to throw away your favorite cup, but only to and give it a well-deserved vacation for several months. Treat yourself, it is important.

photo 31

pic 1


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