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To be a wine loving tourist on Martha’s Vineyard

In the summer we often forget about the seriousness of the daily problems. They start to look smaller refracted through the daily heat of the vacation salty driven thrills in search of new meanings. Did we forget that the ancient Greeks have long ago created an undeniable recipe for that topic? Wine. Oh, that great wine, consumed with pleasant company and under the optimal conditions: sand, restaurant or blanket, love and warmth, which brought every ancient Greek to the exclamation “Eureka, the key is the good wine.”

Enough overthinking. Do not look under every stone; the supreme providence comes in the tranquility to control our own happiness. Indulge in your vacation wherever and whatever it will be. If you’re local and to you the island is a home place which details now you do not notice because they have become an integral part of your everyday life .. Drink a glass of local wine and take a stroll around. Inspiration lurks around mysterious corners.

malibu Rocky Oaks

As we already said, the wine is the drink of the ancient Greeks and Romans, but do not assume that the best of it are located only in the heirs of those territorial boundaries. One of the world’s best wines currently is produced in California. But the technology for making wine is much more complex than just choosing good varieties of grapes. It is mostly affined with love and hard work. Massachusetts, despite its modest productiveness, doesn’t give way to the biggest titans in the market. Cape Cod wines vary with typical for the area light wines like: Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and some American hybrids. For optimal effect, take a road trip to the local businesses, where you can see for yourself the whole process of wine-making, taste their products and maybe preserve that grape feeling with a favorite bottle of local wine for later.

For wine lovers who will like to buy a bottle of local wine, we strongly recommend the following destinations: Coastal vineyards Cape Cod, First Crush Winery Cape Cod, Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod, Cape Cod Winery, Nantucket Winery.

And for the real connoisseurs, who will like nothing but the best world-wide wines, than visit some of the restaurants that are indicated as the top choice on the island here: .Their rich assortment of local, national and international wines will make you open your senses for a memorable local dinner.

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